Businesses use WebStorm to gather and manage ideas from an unlimited number of employees, customers... and whomever else you think matters.

Collaborate with WebStorm.

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Completely configurable and scalable, WebStorm allows you to:

  • Create your own user interface designs.
  • Choose unique multiple voting and ranking schemes.
  • Define communities to personalize and promote interaction.

Imagine a permanent record of data and institutional knowledge, as easily accessible as a Google search. A library of knowledge as vast, valuable and essential as a database of sales leads and press contacts to your businesses survival. Welcome to WebStorm. Welcome to purposed collaboration.

Listen. Engage. Interact.

Conversation, engagement, interaction across departments, functional teams and geographical barriers are essential functions of modern day business. Long-term success in any competitive marketplace demands constant innovation. And lasting innovation requires a steady flow of new ideas. How organizations keep a steady flow of ideas will be a determining factor in their current and continuing success.

Brightidea's WebStorm increases the potential to innovate by wiring the organization to collect and collaborate on ideas – leveraging the wisdom-of-the-crowd and filtering algorithms to surface the best ideas easily. Using social software features like blogs, micro-blogging, status update feeds, user profiles, and more, purposed collaboration results in a steady flow of new ideas that can be developed and transformed into tangible products/services.

Leverage Employees—Smart.

Solicit immediate input from employees at any level, from anywhere within the organization, about anything important, at any time. Is it cost cutting? Are improvements on organizational processes or demand for new services what will determine your next big competitive advantage? Maybe breakthrough new product ideas are needed.

Create a WebStorm. Create 10 WebStorms. Start the conversation. Leverage the collective knowledge of those who know your business best, your employees.

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Leverage Customers—Smarter.

Create an online community space for customers where instant and meaningful feedback can be captured, ranked, and routed easily back to your business. Purpose it for anything—incremental feature enhancements, general product feedback, and even breakthrough new product ideas.

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Leverage Customers and Employees—Smartest.

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