Brightidea Partner Program

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At Brightidea, we recognize the vital role our partners play in our ecosystem – a community of organizations and individuals focused on a common goal – customer success. Our partner programs provide a strong foundation of support and collaboration that fosters unparalleled value and mutual business success. Brightidea reaches out globally to work with organizations that offer balancing skills and solutions. Below you will find carefully selected partners with proven innovation management experience, and when coupled with Brightidea, create value-added services for the client.

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Tata and TCS Marks

“Mastering the discipline of innovation is vital for business survival. Brightidea is an essential ‘arrow in our quiver’ in helping clients remain relevant and viable.”

Courtney Wood

Director, Innovation Management Consulting


“Our partnership enables us to better collaborate with our customers and helps our customers to take their competitiveness to the next level.”

Patrick Tickle

Chief Product Officer


“We are excited to partner with Brightidea to offer a world-class solution for open innovation, R&D support services and a corporate innovation software platform.”

Scott Wurtele

Founder and CEO


“CEOs require their corporate innovation efforts be strategically aligned. We use Brightidea to deliver tangible, measurable results for our clients.”

Guillermo Beuchat

Managing Partner


“Partnering with Brightidea allows us to combine social collaboration, human centered design and crowdsourcing to make companies innovate much more.”

Rodrigo Oliva

Executive Director


“Brightidea was a natural choice for many reasons, not least because of the powerful tools to manage innovation efforts, but also the people and organisation behind the platform.”

Damian Dugdale

Innovation Partner


“To get an innovation outcome you need great ideas plus great implementation.Great implementation needs great systems!”

Brian Ruddle

Managing Director


“Brightidea supports us best to run campaigns with high participation and measurable results for our clients.”

Karl Hitschmann

Senior Partner