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Why Brightidea

Brightidea is an innovation management company that enables organizations to achieve their highest potential by fully harnessing the creative capacity of their people through crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and unique, specialized innovation management software and services. It’s what we call People Powered Innovation.

Our software enables innovation program leaders to achieve extraordinary success with their innovation programs. In fact 92% of TechValidate surveyed customers confirmed that Brightidea made noticeable improvements to their individual programs.

We at Brightidea define success by tangible, measurable innovation program outcomes. This singular focus on helping organizations achieve rapid, recurring results sets us apart in the industry. As a top software innovation company, we’ve worked with over 300 leading global brands, including Accenture, BT, Cisco, GE, MasterCard and Roche to achieve hundreds of millions of dollars of financial innovation impact.

of Brightidea

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VP of Sales

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VP of Product

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VP of Technology

Our History

Founded in 1999, Brightidea launched the first-ever online innovation platform in 2005. The Brightidea Innovation Platform was designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of any organization’s innovation process.

Today, Brightidea’s innovation program management software offers a complete suite of capabilities that cover the entire idea lifecycle from initial collection through execution. Brightidea is the partner of choice for world class companies seeking to build transformative people-powered innovation competency and culture. Leading companies choose Brightidea for our visionary leadership, crowd-driven innovation, data-driven results, relentless focus on quality and our proven customer successes.


We are just like you, constantly striving to find ways to continuously innovate – and innovate smarter. Our goal is to provide companies with innovation program management solutions that help them compete in today’s market. This enables our mission to maximize the innovative potential of all the world’s people.

 What is the Innovation Grid?

A concept championed by Brightidea CEO, Matt Greeley, ‘the innovation grid,’ is built on a global innovation network of connectors and integrations tied in and through Brightidea’s innovation program management software to facilitate and capture the flow of new ideas that surface from inside and outside firewalls.

From technology leaders like GE and SAP to global financial leaders such as Principal Financial and MasterCard to manufacturing giants including Bosch and Electrolux, and healthcare/pharma leaders like Humana and Roche – something very big is forming, one node at a time.

Touching almost every part of the world is a movement to create online channels of communication and collaboration on ideas. From identifying new sustainable energy sources to naming a new Jell-O product, an intricate web of interlocking ideas is creating a vast network of minds on a scale never before imagined.

Now, with Brightidea innovation program management software, hundreds of companies and organizations globally are connecting to an invisible grid — the lines of which are just starting to form and connect people in unforeseen ways.

The stakes are high and the effects this grid will have on our future and the future of business innovation are profound. Connecting to this global grid will be easier than calling to turn on your utilities, and embedded into the very fabric of the internet itself.

Open, mobile, instant, futuristic, adaptive, evolving, agile and decidedly human, the innovation grid may hold the potential to solve our world’s greatest challenges because it will be the product of the most fundamental social human capital — ideas.

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