Brightidea's team of expert innovation consultants help support our robust system for innovation, the Garage, with valued insight and an unwavering dedication to see HP innovate smarter every day."
Phillip Crabtree

Technical Services

For successful innovation, you'll need a solution as unique as your business. Our technical consultants will work with you to customize your organization's user experience so you get the most out of both our software and your ideation strategy.

Extensibility: Any number of features, event callbacks and customization points can be added to best support your unique needs.

Integration: Our technical team can do almost everything from setup Employee Directory Integrations and SSO (Single Sign-on), to develop extensive systems integration to connect our products to almost any other.

Migration: Brightidea not only plugs into existing front-end idea collection tools, but also can import and migrate your existing content from practically any system to our software.

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