Switchboard is the most powerful tool ever created to manage, develop, and evaluate large numbers of ideas by transitioning them into proposals. It drives making informed, educated, fully-vetted business decisions on ideas-turned-proposals that will save money, time and resources down the line.

Develop with Switchboard.

By merging and clustering ideas into proposals, Switchboard automates the Routing, Ranking and Evaluation of ideas collected from Brightidea's front-end WebStorm tool, streamlining the crucial process of choosing and resourcing new projects.

As powerful on-demand software designed specifically to help companies make better decisions faster, Switchboard is the most flexible tool to organize ideas, develop them into business proposals, and streamline proposal evaluation in order to identify business potential early and accurately.

Change the Bottom Line.

Switchboard makes creating and managing evaluation teams easy by offering simple to use workflows, multiple round scorecarding, and private collaboration that facilitates faster, more efficient decision making. Evaluators can create and organize proposals to further develop an idea or groups of ideas while giving decision-makers an aggregated view of critical information that results in making better business decisions faster.

Get the Right Proposals in Front of the Right People.

With automated workflows, customizable feature sets, drag and drop organization, and multiple options to view and sort ideas, Switchboard automates proposal development across cross-functional teams, and breaks down silos and geographical barriers to ensure the innovation process keeps moving forward with the right people, at the right time.

"This isn't a predictive or forecasting tool—it's a highly sophisticated engine that enables your company to get input from any number of teams and experts within the company so you can make clear, scientific decisions on which ideas will be big winners."
— Matt Greeley, CEO, Brightidea

When Innovation is Key, Switchboard is Essential.

Executives from every type of organization point to innovation as being the critical factor for growth and survival. Yet all too often, the internal processes that drive the back end management of ideas fall short. With Switchboard, Brightidea has engineered a class-leading application, an extremely powerful tool for harnessing the collective expertise and knowledge of stakeholders, decision-makers, and cross-functional teams. The result is better business decisions, and a quicker way to identify the next step for future product, process, and service innovations that will give your company a unique competitive edge.

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