Brightidea SharePoint Connector

Innovate more productively by uniting the power of social innovation and corporate content management – on one central platform.

Innovate through Collaboration

With Brightidea's 2011 SharePoint release, companies can leverage the full synergy of Brightidea's unique social innovation application and SharePoint, today's leading content management platform.

Brightidea's tight integration with both SharePoint 2007© and 2010© centralizes and streamlines collective innovation across the enterprise. It combines SharePoint's document management and enterprise search capabilities with Brightidea's best-in-class tools to collect and collaborate on ideas. As a result, your employees can innovate together more easily and productively to deliver results.

Brightidea SharePoint Connector: The Best of Both Worlds

  • Centralized Social Enterprise Innovation
    Brightidea as the scalable innovation hub within SharePoint.
  • Increased Productivity
    Powerful social features for effective collaboration.
  • Better Visibility and Community Engagement
    Powerful social features for effective collaboration.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Unified platform for collective innovation and document management.
  • Enterprise welcome portal with access to multiple challenges.
  • 100+ powerful Brightidea widgets available via Brightidea's API.
  • Embedded rich and real-time content.
  • Enterprise and federated searches.
  • Idea attachments uploaded directly to SharePoint.
  • Secure integration through Single-Sign On (SSO), including Active Directory.
  • Full set of social features and effective user reputation tools.
  • Full branding and user interface design.

Accelerate social innovation across your enterprise with the Brightidea SharePoint Connector.

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