Discover collaborative innovation.

The Brightidea Innovation Suite is a collaborative innovation management solution designed around the business processes of innovation. Packed with features that drive continuous engagement the Innovation Suite is designed to maximize collective knowledge, drive idea execution through streamlined processes, and deliver measurable business results.

Included in the Innovation Suite are Brightidea's WebStorm, Switchboard and Pipeline modules – extendable and scalable to support growing business needs. The Innovation Suite provides end-to-end innovation management, combining enhanced idea collection functionality in WebStorm with proposal development in Switchboard and agile social project management in Pipeline.

In use by more than 300 of the leading companies and innovators, Brightidea provides the latest, most secure and fully-evolved software capability for both innovation administrators and idea contributors.

Learn how Brightidea's best-in-class innovation platform delivers measurable business results – and see why it matters.

The Brightidea Innovation Suite




Why Brainstorm When You Can WebStorm?
Businesses use WebStorm to gather and manage ideas from an unlimited number of employees, customers... and whomever else you think matters. Find out more »
A Next Step for Every Idea.
Switchboard is the most powerful tool ever created to manage, develop, and evaluate large numbers of ideas by transitioning them into proposals. Find out more »
Turn Business Ideas Into Results.
Pipeline is Brightidea's agile, web-based social project management tool specifically designed for tracking early stage projects. Find out more »
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