Extend Your Innovation Capability.

From mobile accessibility to engaging website visitors, realize the interconnectivity of innovation management software.

Don't let your innovation management system stand alone, easily find and integrate the Brightidea-powered platform to external sites for streamlined idea collection and better visibility into customer needs and feedback. Go mobile with the most advanced innovation application available that provides powerful on-the-go access to any Brightidea-powered system. With simple setup and connectivity, Brightidea can be anywhere your employees and customers are, so ideas are captured and routed to where innovation is needed most in the business.

Brightidea Mobile With Brightidea Mobile, you can take the power of the Enterprise with you, wherever you go.
With Brightidea Mobile, you can post your ideas, attach photos and files, and drive innovation from anywhere, at any time. Find out more »

Brightidea Ideas Site Plugin With Brightidea Ideas Site Plugin, collecting ideas is quicker and easier than ever.
Have an idea? Post it! You can collect ideas straight from any of your websites, quicker and easier than ever. Find out more »

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