Are You Leveraging Employee & Customer Feedback?

Long-term success in any competitive marketplace demands constant innovation. Lasting innovation requires a steady flow of new ideas. The effectiveness of a company’s innovation efforts is measured by how well promising ideas are selected, nurtured, and transformed into tangible products and services.  WebStormTM by Brightidea, Inc. is an Idea Collection and Ranking Portal that facilitates the innovation process by allowing organizations to:

  • Collect ideas from employees and customers for new products and product enhancements.
  • Run open innovation contests and competitions - open to the public or existing users.
  • Use the power of "crowdsourcing" to rank ideas and allow the best ideas to rise to the top.

Corporate "Social Networks" for Innovation & Idea Management

Millions of people participate in online social networking communities. Businesses have only recently started to realize the potential that Web 2.0 technologies present to the workplace. Brightidea was the first on-demand service provider to introduce a Corporate Social Networking application designed specifically for collecting and managing ideas. Incorporating the social networking paradigm in a business environment has many benefits:

  • Drastically shortens timeframes of idea collection and evaluation.
  • Promotes collaboration on the creation and refinement of new ideas.
  • Fosters a sense of shared involvement in customers and employees.

Best in Class Technology

Senior leaders of all types of corporations are pointing to innovation as being critical to the growth and survival of their firms. Yet all too often, internal processes for fostering innovation are lacking. With the release of  WebStorm 5.0, BrightIdea has engineered a class-leading open innovation social network that provides a powerful tool for accessing the creativity and experience of your customers and employees. It can be configured for internal company use or opened up to customers and partners. Some of the features in WebStorm include:

  • User Voting and Commenting
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Photo, Video & Document Uploads
  • Configurable Micro-Site & Landing Page
  • Blogging Capability
  • Single Sign-On Option