Unleash Innovation
with Brightidea

Technology is driven by the accelerating pace of innovation. Ignite innovation as a managed, repeatable process with Brightidea and steer you company down a path of sustainable business success.

Brightidea for High Tech

Benefits for High Tech
  • Faster development of new services and products with reduced risk.
  • Cost savings through streamlined processes.
  • Improved customer loyalty and retention.

Proven for High Tech

Brightidea has helped high-tech leaders realize game-changing innovations.

HP's Garage 2.0 idea portal has added millions of dollars to the corporate bottom-line through new product discoveries and cost-saving ideas.

Cisco's first ever I-Prize competition yielded a top idea with a potential $50 billion market.

Cisco's I-Prize in Russia aims at building relationships to grow this emerging technology market.

NCR collects radical and incremental innovations from its 21,500 employees worldwide.

While microchips continue to shrink, global competition shows no sign of slowing down. For technology leaders, a single billion dollar idea is not enough anymore. Only companies that manage to repeatedly drive disruptive innovation while implementing continuous improvements can maintain competitive advantage in the industry. Expand beyond traditional R&D departments and leverage the collective expertise of employees and innovators around the world.

Brightidea's innovation management software provides complete scalability through an enterprise structure of open and exclusive innovation communities that allows you to manage ideas and improve invention disclosure and IP control, all while promoting cross-silo collaboration.

Brightidea's innovation management software provides the ideal innovation platform through

  • Complete Scalability – Create your own enterprise structure of open and exclusive innovation communities.
  • Efficient Control – Manage ideas with improved invention disclosure and IP control.
  • Cross-silo Collaboration – Get insights into emerging trends, new business opportunities and best practices across geographies and departments.

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Idea Management Is Key To Your Innovation Strategy:
A Podcast by Phil McKinney

Innovation Drives Millions in ROI

  • Collected thousands of ideas through a broad structure of WebStorm communities.
  • Generated millions of dollars in added ROI in multiple departments through collected ideas.

Boost Radical Innovation

  • Discover and fund your next billion dollar idea through open innovation.
  • Unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of your employees.
  • Identify and capitalize on global opportunities faster than ever.

Facilitate Continuous Improvements

  • Find new ways to save costs while maintaining value.
  • Align best practices across corporate silos to increase efficiencies.
  • Maintain better control of IP processes and patent management.

Leverage Corporate Collaboration as Your Competitive Edge

  • Let your employees share insights across geographies and departments.
  • Bring new perspectives into innovation processes by opening up to selected groups.
  • Collaborate with suppliers and other partners to reduce volatility and disruptions.
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