Streamline Software Innovation
with Brightidea

Software innovation is a constant process. Success depends on the ability to identify user needs and deliver effective solutions fast. Brightidea gives software companies the best-in-class idea manage- ment tools to boost co-creation and collaboration with users that streamline agile product innovation, reduce risks and deliver profitable returns.

Brightidea for Software

Benefits for Software
  • Integrations with Jira, Rally, Planview, and more.
  • Shorten R&D and production cycles and speed time to market.
  • Prioritize features effectively to reduce risk and increase ROI.

Proven for Software

Brightidea has helped leading software companies find, develop and capitalize on innovative ideas and technologies.

Adobe sources user ideas for Adobe technologies in an open innovation portal powered by WebStorm. For, the company collected more than 700 ideas.

IDeaS integrated WebStorm with Salesforce CRM to maintain 100% client retention and react quicker to client requests.

Mentor Graphics collected 3,500 ideas from 4,500+ users and added millions of dollars to their bottom line by scaling their online support.

Constantly evolving, the software industry forces competing players—from disruptive start-ups to established leaders—to stay agile, act quickly and deliver quality, user-relevant products.

Iterative and agile development methods have helped reduce project failure rates. Still, software companies, regardless of their size, need to find better ways to minimize risk and shorten development cycles to complete projects on time and on budget.

The right ideas and effective feature prioritization are key to delivering end-user value and, ultimately, sustain revenue growth. Software companies use Brightidea's innovation management tools to collect end-user feedback, collaborate across functions, and validate product ideas early on in the development lifecycle.

Brightidea gives you the complete functionality and flexibility to transform ideas and insights into profitable products.

Capitalizing On Client-Driven Innovation

  • Collects user ideas and feedback for product enhancements on client-exclusive collaboration website powered by WebStorm.
  • Increased productivity through improved, streamlined feature prioritization and better understanding of client requests and underlying issues.
  • 32% of implemented product features originated from client ideas, aligning Beeline's offerings with current market needs.

Deliver User-Value through Effective Feature Prioritization

  • Get direct, actionable feedback from your user base. Tap into their insights, uncover underlying issues and drive retention through a two-way dialogue.
  • Reduce risks by validating feature enhancements early on in the process.
  • Collect, document and export user data and metrics as basis for effective decision making.

Streamline Your Collaborative Development Process

  • Get started quickly and easily configure your individual WebStorms with unique user interfaces and dynamic features.
  • Seamlessly integrate Brightidea software with your existing project management and bug tracking tools, such as Jira, Rally, Planview and many more.
  • Leverage Brightidea's open, RESTful API for custom apps and flexible, custom integrations.

Create an Agile Culture of Innovation

  • Create an on-going, open conversation with users focused on making your products and services better.
  • Collaborate across functions and align product development, marketing and management to steer product strategies toward success.
  • Use Brightidea's software to identify opportunities for process improvements or cost savings.

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