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From new drug discovery to production process improvements, innovation is at the heart of the pharmaceutical industry. As challenges mount, new solutions and effective collaboration methods are critical success factors. Leading pharmaceutical companies choose Brightidea to differentiate between products and sustain competitive advantage.

Brightidea for Pharmaceutical Innovation

Benefits for Pharmaceutical
  • Collaborate across departments and organizational boundaries to discover new ways of growing market share and profits.
  • Realize cost saving and process improvement opportunities faster.
  • Turn your employees across functions and geographies into committed innovators.

Proven for Pharmaceutical

Brightidea has helped leading pharmaceutical companies find innovations with real impact on their business.

Bristol-Meyers Squibb identified cost saving and process improvements in multiple business areas and runs an enterprise structure of WebStorm communities to foster innovation company-wide.

As new drug development becomes increasingly complex and expensive and R&D budgets shrink, pharmaceutical companies need to continually explore new ways to create incremental innovations and indentify cost savings costs. Tightening regulations and growing competition from generic drug manufacturers as patents expire increase the pressure to keep product pipelines full. Industry leaders have identified cross-organizational collaborations as an effective new approach to collect new ideas and continually innovate their business.

Brightidea's innovation management software is used by the leading pharmaceutical companies around the world to collect and collaborate on ideas for disruptive and incremental innovations that drive business growth and increase shareholder value.

International Pharmaceutical Company Leading Performance Through Innovation

  • Enterprise-wide WebStorm system rolled out to 65,000 employees worldwide.
  • Collects ideas and commitments to maximize corporate performance in every aspect of the business.
  • Realized millions of dollars in short and long term cost savings.

Fill Your Innovation Pipeline

  • Connect to a global network of scientists, researchers and subject-matter experts to securely source Intellectual Property for new drugs, treatments and technologies.
  • Crowdsource insights and ideas from employees, distribution partners, doctors or patients to identify new market trends and opportunities before your competitors do.
  • Minimize risks and increase profitability by enabling cross-functional collaboration and 360-degree evaluation early on in the process.

Save Costs and Increase Efficiency

  • Identify cost saving opportunities inside your organization and with your supplier network.
  • Tap employees to improve processes, regulation compliance, reliability and efficiency.
  • Track key metrics and financial data at every stage of your innovation process.

Build an Agile Business

  • Outpace your competition by expanding your R&D to a worldwide community, bypassing traditional development cycles and speeding time-to-market of new drugs.
  • Keep your company open to new developments and in-licensing prospects to find investment and acquisition opportunities that could be the key to future growth.
  • Collaborate on new products and business ventures with private and public partners.

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