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No matter the cause, nonprofit organizations need to compete for donations, grants and mindshare. Innovative ideas to increase awareness, raise funds, and improve processes can come from anywhere. Now Brightidea can help your nonprofit boost collaboration and innovate how your people make a difference.

Brightidea for Nonprofit Organizations

Benefits for Non Profit
  • Spread awareness about your organization and cause.
  • Foster a more informed and involved community.
  • Find new ways to fund your organization and fulfill your mission.

In order to gain donors, grants and mindshare, the nonprofit industry needs to continually innovate fundraising models and improve response time to disasters.

A growing number of nonprofits are competing for available funds from the corporate, private and government sectors. Potential donors are overwhelmed by the variety of charities out there and unsure of whom to trust. Nonprofit organizations need to find new ways to effectively stand out, communicate their needs, provide transparency and run efficient operations.

Good ideas can come from anywhere. Brightidea's innovation management software provides nonprofit organizations with the most effective tool to reach out to targeted audiences and the public, collect their ideas, and bring them together to find solutions to problems.

Breaking New Ground To Raise $1 Billion

  • Heifer International and Mensa Process launched IdeaAid, the first-ever open idea benefit, powered by WebStorm, to raise $1 billion annually to fight global hunger.
  • 600 ideas from hundreds of people worldwide were donated within just one week.
  • Beyond expectations, the online benefit resulted in five winning ideas each with the potential to raise $1 billion per year.

Find New Ways to Raise More Funds

  • Tap the creativity of the public and volunteers to find better fundraising ideas.
  • Create awareness for your organization by launching open challenges and inviting the public to participate in an easy-to-access, low-barrier environment.
  • Get insights into what matters most to your members and the community by listening and co-collaborating in one centralized online platform.

Improve Efficiency and Transparency

  • Let your employees, volunteers and/or members submit, vote and collaborate on ideas to make processes more efficient, reduce costs and leverage resources more effectively.
  • Facilitate exchange of insights and knowledge across geographies, chapters and functions through one centralized platform.
  • Record ideas and information for future reference.

Increase Community Support

  • Connect like-minded people in your community and let them collaborate around new ways to achieve your mission.
  • Identify thought-leaders in your community and turn more members and potential donors into evangelists for your organization.
  • Validate your ideas by presenting them to a greater community and create streamlined channels for their feedback.

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