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Innovation in manufacturing means the difference between success and failure. Industry leaders realize the importance of optimizing processes and techno- logy acceleration from design to delivery. Approach innovation as a manageable business process with Brightidea's innovation management software to discover and execute on business-driving ideas.

Brightidea for Manufacturing

Benefits for Manufacturing
  • Faster time to market for new products and services.
  • Boosted profit margins through optimized processes and cost savings.
  • Sustained growth through continuously filled innovation pipeline.

Proven for Manufacturing

Brightidea has helped leaders in manufacturing transform their organizations and see real results.

Bosch turned employee ideas into several new products, while greatly speeding up the decision making process.

Harley Davidson adopted more than 400 employee ideas over three years, eliminating multiple potential safety risks.

NCR NCR discovered over 40 ideas to grow their business while increasing efficiency.

As global competition increases while product life cycles and margins shrink, manufacturers need to be flexible and stay on top of new technologies to respond rapidly and cost-effectively to changing demand. Continuous innovation is key to keeping companies lean and competitive. Ever-new innovations from RFID tags to nano fibers and self-healing agents show that success goes to the company that finds, develops, and capitalizes on incremental improvements and disruptive ideas.

Brightidea's innovation management solution helps manufacturing leaders quickly source, collaborate on and develop ideas to accelerate time-to-market and delivery systems.

Delivers Game-Changing Innovation

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Whether it is for sustained process and material improvements or disruptive innovations, Brightidea will help you:

Identify Ground-Breaking Innovations Faster.

  • Discover ideas for game-changing technologies and products.
  • Speed R&D cycles by validating key innovations sooner and developing them faster.
  • Align production with market opportunities through low-barrier, cross-functional collaboration.

Develop Continuous Improvements.

  • Optimize processes and identify cost saving opportunities for increased profit margins.
  • Improve materials and equipment to improve the quality of output.
  • Advance safety standards and reliability from the factory floor to product distribution.

Create an Engine for Sustained Growth.

  • Empower your employees and stakeholders to drive continual progress and success.
  • Leverage the power of purposed collaboration across your entire supply chain.
  • Identify key innovation metrics and track the financial impact on the bottom line.

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