Radically Reinvent Healthcare
with Brightidea

Brightidea's innovation management software helps the leading healthcare, life sciences and research organizations find solutions to the most pressing challenges and issues facing the healthcare industry.

Brightidea for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Benefits for Healthcare
  • Collaborate with employees, partners and subject-matter experts to reinvent healthcare.
  • Discover new cost saving opportunities.
  • Accelerate continuous improvements of services and processes.

Proven for Pharmaceutical

Brightidea has helped leading pharmaceutical companies find innovations with real impact on their business.

Bristol-Meyers Squibb identified cost saving and process improvements in multiple business areas and runs an enterprise structure of WebStorm communities to foster innovation company-wide.

More than ever, the health sector – providers and payers alike – are in need of new actionable ideas to provide effective care, increase efficiencies and comply with regulations, all while remaining financially sound.

Now is the time to leverage the benefits of open innovation through Brightidea software, the most effective, versatile tool to harness the power of collective intelligence. Whether you are looking for transformational innovations or incremental improvements in products, services, and processes, Brightidea has proven to drive innovation success with global health care leaders.

Leading Healthcare Company

  • Actively engages its employees to innovate and collaborate.
  • Collects ideas for cost savings and process improvements across departments.
  • Identified and implemented new opportunities for cost reductions and efficiency improvements.

By using Brightidea to collect and collaborate on ideas from any selected communities, and to identify and execute on the best ones, healthcare leaders can finally manage and drive innovation.

Healthcare Providers

  • Create a better patient experience through innovative ideas.
  • Find solutions to become more efficient while complying to regulatory requirements.
  • Collect employee and partner ideas to manage rising operational costs.

Health Payers

  • Improve business outcomes by collaborating with employees, partners and members.
  • Find new ways to address growing patient demands cost-effectively.
  • Collect ideas to transform their processes and boost profitability.

Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

  • Increase collaboration and cooperation across the industry.
  • Discover solutions to accelerate product development and increase R&D productivity.
  • Improve their technology environment and IT infrastructure.

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