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Leading Financial Institutions leverage their
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Brightidea for Financial Services

Benefits for Financial Services
  • Faster development of new services and products with reduced risk.
  • Cost savings through streamlined processes.
  • Improved customer loyalty and retention.

With instant access to financial data and aggressive competition, Financial Services providers need to improve the delivery and quality of services. Now is the time to tap into the collective intelligence of your employees and customers to surface effective solutions that increase market share while managing risk.

Brightidea's one-of-a-kind innovation management software has helped many leading Financial Institutions to break down organizational barriers, discover innovative solutions and deliver on profitable growth.

Driving Performance with Brightidea

  • The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), which provides a worldwide inter-bank network, creates a dynamic platform where potential financial technologies.
  •, an online idea portal powered by Brightidea software, was created to tap into the innovative power of both their customer and corporate bases.
  • Launched February 2010, the site uses the concept of crowdsourcing by allowing users to share and discuss ideas regarding innovation in the financial industry.

Learn more on innovation at SWIFT here via Forbes.

Improve Performance Across Your Organization

  • Tap employees for problem-solving and new ideas to optimize business processes and save costs.
  • Accelerate new product and service developments with reduced risk through collective brainstorming.
  • Streamline innovation and track financial metrics at every stage of the innovation pipeline.

Increase Focus On Customers

  • Uncover opportunities to enhance customer experiences by surfacing insights and soliciting feedback.
  • Co-create with customers through public challenges or contests
  • Engage customers and partners in a low-barrier environment and discover underserved needs as well as emerging trends.

Foster a Culture of Innovation

  • Break down collaboration silos across geographies and departments with a centralized online platform.
  • Surface and recognize key innovative thinkers within your organization.
  • Capture knowledge and insights from your employees and create a system of record for ideas.

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