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The future of the energy industry relies on innovation. Energy and utility leaders are challenged more than ever to find and deliver new, clean technologies and cost-effective solutions that meet public and shareholder demand.

Brightidea for Energy Innovation

Benefits for Energy
  • Disruptive new technologies for efficient power generation.
  • New ideas to improve corporate productivity.
  • Competitive advantage through new collaborations inside and outside the organization.

Proven for Energy

Brightidea has helped energy companies around the world revolutionize their business.

China Light and Power (CLP) drives IT innovation, accelerates new product development and identifies new clean energy opportunities with Brightidea's Enterprise WebStorm.

Centrica Energy found hundreds of ideas for improving internal processes and customer services.

Old practices are no longer sustainable for the 21st century energy industry. Globalized markets, increasing costs and growing public demand for diverse, sustainable new technologies, are just a few of the many challenges forcing energy companies to rethink current business models and identify new opportunities.

From new, disruptive technologies to improved day-to-day operations, energy leaders realize that powerful ideas can and do come from anywhere. In order to expand and tap new resources, expanding the role of innovation outside typical R&D departments is necessary. Market leaders use Brightidea's innovation management software to effectively tap into the broader collective intelligence.

GE Ecomagination: Taking Innovation To New Heights

  • Launched perhaps the largest-ever open innovation challenge with $200M fund for the best technology ideas to power the smart grid.
  • Collected 4,000+ ideas from 70,000+ people worldwide through a fully customized site powered by Brightidea's WebStorm.
  • Evaluated ideas fast and effectively with Brightidea's Switchboard, resulting in 12 major funded projects, plus additional grants and $100k awards for future projects.
"We think this opportunity as a big company to work with small companies is only going to help us grow faster."
— Jeffrey Immelt, CEO and Chairman of GE

Collaborate with the Brightest Entrepreneurs Worldwide.

  • Create an online innovation platform to find and fund revolutionary new technologies from scientists, engineers and inventors around the world.
  • Build and grow your own innovation community on a centralized platform to monitor and quickly identify new market opportunities and emerging trends.
  • Develop new business and pricing models based on direct input from customers, partners and suppliers.

Transform Your Company for a Competitive Edge.

  • Create a scalable, flexible system of innovation communities inside your organization for specific challenges and audiences.
  • Drive innovation as a managed business process: improve productivity, increase reliability and boost profitability across operations and departments.
  • Track metrics and key data across your innovation pipeline to see the real impact of innovation on your bottom line and strategize for the future.

Reinforce a Commitment to Innovation and Growth.

  • Demonstrate your company's corporate social responsibility by soliciting ideas for clean technologies, community involvement and charitable giving opportunities.
  • Track and monitor the full innovation pipeline to increase shareholder visibility and trust.
  • Give your employees the best-in-class tool to collaborate across departments, functional silos and geographies.

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