Accelerate Product Innovation
with Brightidea

Brand and product innovation are key drivers of purchasing decisions for consumers and businesses alike. Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) leaders use Brightidea's innovation management software to bring new products to market faster, reach consumers in new ways, and optimize Supply Chain Management.

Brightidea for Consumer Packaged Goods

Benefits for Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Accelerate time to market for new products and packaging that meet consumer demand.
  • Increase productivity through improved processes and supply chain management.
  • Empower your employees and consumers to become innovators for your business success.

With the rate of innovation exponentially increasing, the critical question has shifted from how to make something to what to make. As CPG increasingly compete for premium shelf-space through new, differentiated product offerings, companies must search for new ways to streamline development while improving supply chain management and manufacturing processes. The pressure to increase point-of-sales figures and streamline their supply management is not going away.

Brightidea's innovation management software is used by CPG's biggest brands to find and develop ideas for new spot-on products, packaging, processes improvements and unique co-creation marketing strategies.

Driving Innovation Throughout The Organization

  • Leverages a company-wide hierarchy of innovation communities with Brightidea's Enterprise WebStorm.
  • Collects and develops employee and executive ideas for new products, brand strategies, process improvements and much more.
  • Currently bringing several new products to market with many more under development.

Turn Your Employees Into Innovators

  • Collect employee ideas and insights for new products, packaging or business models through online innovation communities.
  • Collaborate across organizational silos.
  • Connect with your retailers for accurate demand-forecasting to adjust your production, lower inventory and improve satisfaction.

Optimize Your Operations

  • Reduce R&D timelines and bring products to market faster.
  • Create low barrier collaboration platforms with supply chain partners to lower costs and improve efficiency.
  • Continuously identify process improvements and cost saving opportunities.

Know Your Consumers

  • Hold contests and challenges to excite your customer base and bring in fresh ideas.
  • Get actionable insights & feedback on how people see your brands and use your products.
  • Collaborate with your customers to transform them into brand ambassadors.

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