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Overcoming Innovation Program Anxiety: Program Sponsors’ Creed – Role & Responsibilities

Whether your company has been innovating all along, or is just getting started with making innovation an intentional focus, there’s one fact that holds true: you can’t accomplish anything without dedicated support for both your overarching innovation program, and the individual challenges it comprises.

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Overcoming Innovation Program Anxiety: Smashing Silos Encourages Participation – Here’s How

All forward-thinking companies are focused on innovation – at least in theory. In practice, many companies may think they’re working on innovation, when all they’re actually doing is circling the drain. Because innovation appears to be such a mystical process, companies lose sight of any process – waiting and hoping for a lucky break, without any real strategy. Which is exactly why they fail.

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Idea Management “Must Haves”

Successful idea managers are not easy to find – mostly because there are very few people out there with that exact title. But idea management is crucial to the success of your innovation challenges, which is why the structure of a well-thought-out innovation program makes such a huge difference. Idea management – and any other factors worth considering – can be built right in to your process.