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Nielsen Soars in the Ratings with Brightidea

It took three years for marketing intelligence giant Nielsen to admit their organically growing innovation program wasn’t taking the company far enough fast enough. As Stephanie Hegarty, Innovation Program Manager at Nielsen, puts it, “We weren’t there as a company, we were trying to do it on our own [using only SharePoint], and we learned the hard way.”

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How Cabot Broke Free of Innovation Constraints and Went Global

When John Jaddou was brought into Cabot as Director of New Business Development/Scouting & Innovation it was for the same reasons many other enterprises have sought innovation program help: The Boston-based company’s innovation efforts – constrained by traditional brainstorming techniques, geography, and ineffective tools – needed a shot in the arm.

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Overcoming Innovation Program Anxiety: Program Sponsors’ Creed – Role & Responsibilities

Whether your company has been innovating all along, or is just getting started with making innovation an intentional focus, there’s one fact that holds true: you can’t accomplish anything without dedicated support for both your overarching innovation program, and the individual challenges it comprises.

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