Presentations & Interviews by Brightidea
CEO Matthew Greeley discusses the challenge of avoiding the commoditization of your brand and products.

ZDNet Whiteboard

ZDNet Whiteboard
Matthew discussing the challenges and opportunities of adopting Web 2.0 technologies in the workplace, and key considerations for success when deploying social networks to support innovation.

Lessons Learned
CEO Matthew Greeley is interviewed on Vator TV, where he shares insights about entrepreneurship:  Learn from setbacks. Hire for results. Can you handle the truth? Ask your customers – they'll tell you.

Interviews by Brightidea Customers


Jeff Ferreira-Pro - VSP Global
Jeff Ferreira-Pro serves as Idea Curator at leading eye and vision care provider VSP Global's innovation lab, The SHOP. Jeff discusses his experiences in crafting an innovation program at VSP and how Brightidea has continued to help his organization. Learn more about VSP Global's innovation program at Brightidea.

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Julianna Benedick - Panasonic
Julianna Benedick, Director of Marketing for Panasonic, speaks about the structure and breadth of Panasonic's Brightidea-powered innovation program. Julianna feels strongly that innovation functions best as a democratic process, and that mantra was employed right down to their program's name, SPARKZ.

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