Brightidea User Conference

Synthesize 2016

Announcing Brightidea’s Fall 2016 Release

Watch Genevieve Wang, Brightidea’s VP of Product, unveil Brightidea’s innovation management platform 2.0 at Synthesize, the company’s annual user conference in San Francisco. Nine brand-new innovation apps are introduced, with live demos detailing how each app supports a specific innovation activity:

Discuss: Initiate engagement and conversation
Solve: Overcome a problem on key projects
Optimize: Improve a key business area
Hackathon: Build prototypes via hackathons
Incubate: Foster corporate intrapreneurship
Pitch: Pitch ideas for evaluation and funding
Monitor: Stay informed of important trends
Understand: Set up a topic for design research & review
Suggest: Collect & review ideas from employees

Watch the Presentation

Best Idea Wins Logo - 2019

Best Idea Wins Logo - 2019