Brightidea User Conference

Synthesize 2017

US Bank: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Watch US Bank’s Stephanie Hammes-Betti, Senior VP of Innovation Design, and Russ Gowda, Innovation Community Manager, present at Synthesize 2017, the premier conference for corporate innovators, held at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

In their presentation, Stephanie and Russ discuss:

  • What they did to infuse a bank-wide culture of innovation over the 10 years of their program, enabling all US Bank employees to provide input on how to grow the company
  • How they support emerging technology adoption for the current core businesses, identify changes in consumer and business trends, and ultimately seed long-term opportunities
  • How they applied lean methodology to successfully run 18 innovation initiatives in a single year, involving 847 unique participants and resulting in 891 idea submissions

The presentation is followed by a lively Q&A as a fireside chat among Stephanie, Russ, and Brightidea CEO Matt Greeley.

Watch the Presentation

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