Brightidea User Conference

Synthesize 2018

GM iHub: Galvanizing Employees to Build a Companywide Innovation Culture

Watch Ahmad Hares, Shreyas Parat, and Will Handzel, cofounders and manager of GM’s iHub, present at Synthesize 2018, the premier conference for corporate innovators, held at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

In their presentation, Ahmad, Shreyas, and Will discuss:

  • The iHub Way, their codified, end-to-end, prescriptive methodology for making corporate innovation possible
  • iHub’s incubator, Synapse, a collective of cross-functional teams of employees involved in transforming company-wide thinking and operations
  • The company’s internally sub-branded series of dedicated spaces enabling employees to engage in innovation activities away from normal business operations

The presentation is followed by a lively fireside-style Q&A among the iHub team members and Brightidea CEO Matt Greeley.

Watch the Presentation

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