Headlines from the Innovation Management Industry

  • Finding a Better Word for Innovation
    Remember when the word "paradigm" was killed in the dot-com era? How about "synergy" "edgy" or the prefix "e-" - these expressions all died from the same disease: overuse. Now, the word "innovation" has been uttered so many times that it has lost its breath, meaning, and resonance. Do we need to put...
  • Donīt Leave Innovation as an Orphan - adopt it
    Innovation is far too often an organizational orphan. How can you make sure it is not just fostered, but becomes adopted and part of the family? Continue reading →
  • USI 2014, Unexpected Sources of Inspiration (2/2)
    Innovation thrives on inspiration is something every attendee could feel at USI 2014. Reflect for instance on this claim by Edgar Morin: 'Our ideas can turn into ideology, and be misleading: we must enter into a dialogue with our ideas' Continue reading →
  • Event Recap: Chief Innovation Officer Summit, NYC
    This past week, Signals participated in the Chief Innovation Officer Summit in NYC, an event that brought together innovation leaders and experts from organizations from NASA, Kraft, Southwest Airlines, the Philadelphia 76ers and many others in between. Below are some key takeaways of notes... Conti...
  • Why Innovation Leaders…and Management Fail
    Why leaders clearly think leadership matters for innovation. Too often a disconnect between what is said and what is done, which can confuse the innovation picture. A recent survey... Continue reading →
  • Innovation 101: The Value of Innovation
    The Innovation 101 series of articles presents specific activities and practices to achieve innovation. I chose these activities because I believe they are a great place to start. They are not the end all be all, nor are they "right". They are simply practicable. If you do them you will notice an im...
  • Update On Ten-Year Campaign To Give Copyright Industry Another Monopoly: WIPO's Broadcasting Treaty
    posted on 12/19/2014 10:39 PM

    Say what you will about the copyright industry, but it certainly doesn't give up. No matter how many times a bad idea is fought off, sooner or later, it comes back again. The best example of this is probably WIPO's Broadcasting Treaty, which Techdirt has been covereing for a decade: in 2004, 2005, ...
  • FBI Formally Accuses North Korea Of The Sony Hack
    posted on 12/19/2014 03:47 PM

    Just this morning, Tim Cushing (aka, Other Tim) wrote about how likely it was that the White House would make a statement today on the Sony hack, naming North Korea as the perpetrator and treating this all like a far bigger deal than they probably should be. However, the FBI beat them to the punch,...
  • Whether Or Not Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood Is In Hollywood's Pocket, He Sure Doesn't Understand Free Speech Or The Internet
    posted on 12/19/2014 02:41 PM

    We already discussed the rather unbelievable (in that they are, literally, unbelievable) claims from Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood that he didn't know he was working with the MPAA's top outside lawyer when he had that same lawyer, Tom Perrelli of Jenner & Block, spend time prepping him ...
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