Headlines from the Innovation Management Industry

  • Triumph of the Innovation Economy – Part 6
    Over the last two and half centuries, innovation has changed human life more dramatically than in all of the previous millennia. But some are now asking if the world´s great innovation engine has broken down. Has America lost its innovation power? Continue reading →
  • Five Ways to Stop Middle Management Blocking Innovation
    Unless you engage your middle managers, your innovation program is going to falter. Here's five ways to engage the vital people in your organisation. Continue reading →
  • Triumph of the Innovation Economy – Part 5
    What can we learn from the European Renaissance about building an economic, business, and cultural environment where innovation can flourish? Can we apply the same principles today to infuse creativity into our companies - and into our nations? Continue reading →
  • Collective Disruption
    I had the opportunity to interview Michael Docherty recently to get his views about disruptive innovation. Michael Docherty is CEO of Venture2 and the author of the new book Collective Disruption: How Companies and Startups Can Co-create Transformative New Businesses. Mike brings unique perspective...
  • To Improve Innovation, Improve Clarity
    If I was CEO of a company that wanted to do innovation, the one thing I´d strive for is clarity. For clarity on the innovative new product, here´s what the CEO needs. Continue reading →
  • Triumph of the Innovation Economy- Part 4
    Was innovation still alive during Europe´s difficult "Dark Ages?" And could China have been on the brink of the Industrial Revolution four hundred years before the West? What does history teach us about innovation power and economic growth in the Medieval era? Continue reading →
  • Debunking Disruptive Innovation - Why Disruptive Innovation is NOT a Strategy
    Disruptive innovation has become business' biggest paradigm. Harvard's Clayton Christensen coined the term and the New Yorker's Jill Lapore recently tore it down. While many companies scramble to create disruptive innovation strategies, the problem is that it isn't a linear process or methodology. ...
  • Triumph of the Innovation Economy – Part 3
    What does a mysterious discovery in a sunken wreck off the Greek island of Antikythera tell us about the innovation power of classical antiquity? Could it be the world´s oldest "computer"? If so, what else were the Greeks and Romans capable of? Continue reading →
  • Innovation Magnetism
    Did you ever play with magnets when you were a kid? Wasn't it interesting to discover how powerful small magnets were when you connected the negative pole of one magnet to the positive pole of another magnet? I can't help returning to a constant theme I've developed over the years - the idea that in...
  • Navigating a New Era of Medical Innovation
    Executive director of Cleveland Clinic Innovations, Gary Fingerhut, discusses the emerging era of medical innovation and commercialize new inventions and platforms. Continue reading →
  • Triumph of the Innovation Economy – Part 2
    What can the Ancient Egyptians teach us about innovation? How did the creativity of this great civilization help them build such a mighty and enduring empire? And how do some of their remarkable inventions still impact our lives today? Continue reading →
  • Dropbox acquires Pixelapse, a toolset for design management
    posted on 1/28/2015 08:15 PM

    Pixelapse has announced the company is being acquired by Dropbox: Pixelapse + Dropbox We started Pixelapse with the mission of building the definitive version control and collaboration platform for creatives. Since…
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