Proven Innovation Expertise

Brightidea offers a range of top-notch professional services and support backed by 10+ years of experience in managing innovation. Let our experts assist you with anything from developing enterprise-scale, multi-phase innovation programs, to campaign setup and custom technical requirements.

Program Development

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professional experts will look at your organization's needs to coordinate strategy workshops that will help establish a culture of innovation and facilitate an agile ideation process. Find out more »

Setup & Configuration

At Brightidea, our goal is to get your solution up and running in the most efficient and effective manner. With our help, you can focus on strategic planning and generating excitement while we implement the vision. Following your initial launch, you will also be trained in the ongoing upkeep and expansion of your platform to fuel results overtime. Find out more »

Technical Services

Brightidea provides the most robust tool available and we are here to work with you to find unique solutions. Skilled engineers and developers are on hand to deliver technical services if needed, to ensure proper configuration, integration, migration, and customization. Find out more »
  • Analysis of Current Strategies
  • Planning
  • Innovation Strategy Workshops
  • Management
  • Complete System Configuration
  • Online Training
  • Remote Administrator Webinars
  • Support Via Email, Phone and Web Portal
  • Comprehensive Customization
  • Product Integration
  • Content Migration
  • Custom Features, Reports, Workflows

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