Brightidea for Facebook

Innovate with your customers where they are most engaged. Plug into the collective intelligence of the world's largest social network. And turn fans into collaborators and brand advocates.

Tap into the Power of the World's Largest Social Network

With over 750 million users worldwide, Facebook connects more people than any other social network. For businesses, Facebook's volume and viral capacity make it a versatile marketing tool and powerful platform for collaborative innovation.

Brightidea for Facebook enables you to get more out of Facebook than just "Likes":

  • Engaged fans, loyal customers
    Turn engaged fans into brand advocates and product evangelists
  • Deep insights from current and future customers
    Collect your customers' ideas and feedback in a low-barrier, fun environment
  • Virally growing innovation communities
    Spread the word through friends' networks and social media buzz

Engage Fans on a Deeper Level

Facebook fan pages allow companies to connect with their target audience in a low-barrier, social environment. Brightidea's Facebook application enables you to deepen the relationship and create a lasting impression of your company. Use it to run idea contests, offer an ongoing feedback forum or simply open up a dialog by posing a question. People can post their ideas, and vote and comment on others' posts – a great, easy way to get engaged.

Leverage Social Networking to Drive Viral Success

Inviting your fans to collaborate is just the beginning: Through the News Feeds, others will see posted ideas and comments, sparking interest and ideas among virally growing communities. Be prepared to meet a whole new world of friends and fans!

Transform Ideas into Innovations

Brightidea for Facebook enables you to take advantage of Facebook's collective intelligence and creativity. Capture knowledge and ideas from this unique global brain pool and turn them into business innovations with Brightidea's class-leading innovation management software.

If you "like" the power of social innovation, Brightidea for Facebook shouldn't be missed on your fan page.

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