The Bright Side Foundation

Improving the World One Bright Idea at a Time.

Each year The Bright Side Foundation selects a non-profit organization to support via funding and business services. In addition to donating one percent of the annual earnings, Brightidea further assists the organization through business development, web tools, products, consulting, and other needs the two deem relevant.

As part of the Brightidea commitment to helping make the world a better place - one great idea at a time - many of the organizations selected have been medical, scientific and environmental groups aimed at improving individual's overall quality of life.

World Vision International

Brightidea has also partnered with World Vision, one of the largest humanitarian organizations in the world, to better aid 100 million children, families, and communities worldwide against poverty and injustice with its Crowd Sourcing Project.

Highlights of the Crowd Sourcing Project include:

  • Over 300 employees were asked to post software issues
  • Top problems will be presented to the public, inviting them to contribute solutions
  • Pilot to a program that will soon rollout to global employee base

Cancer Research UK

Most recently, Brightidea partnered with one of the largest independent cancer research organizations in the world, Cancer Research UK, to help fight this dreaded disease.

Campaign highlights of the joint partnership included:

  • More than 500 participants
  • Four separate and distinct ‘Challenge Areas’
  • Community fund-raising initiatives
  • National and International events
  • Legacy Programs
  • New income opportunities

Birds of A Feather Innovation Community

Brightidea also works diligently to empower Innovation Leaders globally through our Birds of a Feather Community. Learn more here.

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