These Innovation Program Successes Can Be Yours

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Brightidea has helped enable powerful companies to distinguish themselves from competitors within their respective industries. Brightidea customers shared their unique success stories using Brightidea’s innovation program software in a series of case studies. These include Adobe, BT, Cisco, CLP, GE, Mentor Graphics and Prodigy. Some highlights from the thriving innovation programs are outlined below:

BT Group is a world reknowned provider in communications solutions, with over 100,000 employees stretching across 170 countries. In the past, they’ve had trouble communicating amongst their diverse and scattered group of employees, which is why they decided to implement Brightidea’s innovation program software. They used the software to create a Rewards Shop, awarding employees whose ideas were implemented with 10% of the idea’s bottom line benefits of the first year performance. By providing an incentive of this scale across a massive organization, it drew in over 10,000 creative new ideas.

John Nevins, Head of Innovation Consulting at BT, said:
The greatest asset BT has is its people. Our role is to provide a mechanism for BT people to express their ingenuity, and the New Ideas Scheme has been instrumental to achieving that goal.

The crowdsourcing project ultimately resulted in cost savings and new revenue generated in excess of over $100 million. Read further into this case study here.

Cisco is a worldwide networking and communications technology provider who is committed to serving global key markets, especially Europe, with their innovative initiatives. To greater highlight the importance of the European region, Cisco decided to utilize Brightidea software to create an innovation program to effectively crowdsource and harness their employee’s creativity.

The leader of Cisco innovation strategy for Europe, Matt Asman, said:
There was this perception in the company that innovation was all about R&D or New Product Development, and I really believed we as a company needed to expand our thinking beyond innovation being all about R&D.

Their program, coined i-Zone, drew in some impressive results. 400+ ideas were submitted by over 5,000 users, along with 5,000+ comments and votes on these ideas. These resulted in 10+ ideas being put under development, one of which has a multi-million dollar revenue potential. Download and read this case study here.

GE was ranked the world’s second largest business by Forbes, with revenues of $157 billion. Utilizing Brightidea, GE launched Ecoimagination, a corporate initiative to develop new power grid technologies in a market estimated to hit $200 billion over the next decade. GE was able to crowdsource ideas from all over the world, rewarding the top five entrepreneurial ideas with $100,000 and the potential to partner with GE or its VC partners. With this criteria laid out, Ecomagination became the largest-ever open innovation challenge the world has seen. Mind-blowing statistics showed 70,000 participants from all over the world, submitting 3,800+ ideas, writing 81,000+ comments and inputting 120,000+ votes on ideas.

Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman of GE, said:
We think this opportunity as a big company to work with small companies is only going to help us grow faster.

The Brightidea innovation program challenge did just that, and concluded with 12 projects being funded with $55 million dollars. Learn more about this case study here.

As you can see, Brightidea customers have been largely successful in their new innovation program journeys as these stories share. If you’d like to view more success stories from customers using Brightidea’s premier, results driving software, please visit Feel free to leave comments below and give us your feedback!