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“Partnering with Brigthidea enables us to serve our clients with an end to end innovation management offering and act as an innovation broker to solve their business needs”

Patrick Oungre

Director, Innovation Management Lead PwC Italy

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“Partnering with BrightIdea allow us to accelerate the innovation process, putting together a well-structured idea management solution with what we are doing: transforming those ideas into a real product through experimentation.”

Fabio Silvestri

Senior Innovation Consultant


“Brightidea was a natural choice for many reasons, not least because of the powerful tools to manage innovation efforts, but also the people and organisation behind the platform.”

Damian Dugdale

Innovation Partner

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“We believe the Brightidea cloud product suite is the perfect platform to help seed a true culture of innovation in future organizational models.”

Deanna Doan

Co-founder + Enabling Partner

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“ProdigyWorks’ accelerated innovation process taps into a global Mensa-based network for rapid outside thinking. Brightidea helps facilitate collaboration across varied inputs to quickly identify leading solutions.”

Ted Curtin

Chief Innovation Officer


“CEOs require their corporate innovation efforts be strategically aligned. We use Brightidea to deliver tangible, measurable results for our clients.”

Guillermo Beuchat

Managing Partner

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“Brightidea supports us best to run campaigns with high participation and measurable results for our clients.”

Oscar Acuña

Innovation & Portfolio Project Management Practice Director


“Partnering with Brightidea allows us to combine social collaboration, human centered design and crowdsourcing to make companies innovate much more.”

Rodrigo Oliva

Executive Director

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“To get an innovation outcome you need great ideas plus great implementation. Great implementation needs great systems!”

Brian Ruddle

Managing Director

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“The Brightidea platform allows us to capture powerful insights to increase our operational efficiency and create disruptive solutions to resolve clients business challenges.”

Mateus Dias

Innovation Consultant

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“Cultivating mission based innovation programs that deliver tangible social benefits require disciplines and an industry leading platform. Partnering with BrightIdea gives us both.”

Dan Gordon Ph.D.

Board Chair