Summer Release 2021: Let The Good Times Roll

Summer Release 2021: Let The Good Times Roll
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Let the good times roll… Blog Feature Enhancement Upgrade Partnership 2021

The warm days and nights of Summer are here… and we are all hopeful for more carefree days ahead. As businesses re-open, experts are predicting an economic boom the likes of which we have not seen in a generation. Growth is expected to be 300% faster than any time in recent memory, as businesses rebuild their supply chains and inventories. Happy days are here again. For our Summer release, we’ve got brand new capabilities … and improvements to critical areas, we hope you will love. Innovation is the name of the game in the 21st century, so turn up the music and let the good times roll!

Allow us to introduce the new “Top Ideas” feature New Feature

For the first time ever, Innovation Managers now have a dedicated tool to identify the best ideas within a given Initiative. As time goes on, and backlogs grow, we realize it’s becoming harder and harder to identify the most important projects to work on. Brightidea’s “Top Ideas” interface allows admins to quickly and easily scan through large datasets. By applying different sorts, Admins can quickly scan and focus on the best ideas in each category.

No other platform offers this capability today. This feature cuts through the noise, allowing you more time to work on the ideas that offer the most bang for the buck. Top Ideas is a new area for us and we plan to continue to evolve this capability in future releases. It’s all part of our on-going commitment to make sure you have the most advanced tools available to find and resource the highest impact projects to drive innovation forward in your organization.

With the Top Ideas Interface you can:

  • Easily discover the best ideas at a glance via multiple criteria.
  • Leverage the Brightidea Meritology algorithm to apply machine learning to surface the best ideas.
  • Quickly push the best ideas to your JIRA instance with a few clicks. (seen below in JIRA feature video)
  • Create your own personal lists of ideas, and save them to follow up on later.
  • Update status straight from Top Ideas interface.

Check out our Knowledge Base Article to learn more about Top Ideas and how to start using it now to find your team’s best ideas.

Brightidea Jira Integration 3.0 New Feature

JIRA has long been a favorite tool of Project Managers and teams of all sizes, but recently JIRA has become somewhat unwieldy as backlogs have grown to include projects of all shapes and sizes. We hear PMs say all the time, “That never should have made it into JIRA,” and we can sympathize.

Idea managers would also agree that crowdsourcing ideas and input from the entire organization can generate an overwhelming amount of feedback that is challenging to prioritize. That’s why idea managers leverage the power of Brightidea to help them evaluate and select the ideas with the greatest merit before adding to the project roadmap.

Integrating Brightidea and JIRA allows users of both platforms to combine the power of effective idea management to prioritize backlogs and roadmaps while leveraging the best‑in‑class product and project management capabilities of JIRA.

With the Brightidea ↔ JIRA integration you can:

  • Push any idea into JIRA with just a few clicks.
  • Leverage native JIRA installations on local servers or cloud-deployed.
  • Link to your JIRA tickets straight from Brightidea so that everyone stays in the loop.

This integration has been one of the most requested features, and we are excited to finally make it available in all Brightidea systems!

Ready to hook up JIRA to Brightidea? Check out our Knowledge Base Article to learn how to set up the integration and start pushing ideas into JIRA.

All New Lightning Fast Search Experience Enhancement

As we push to make Brightidea faster, easier, and more intuitive for new and existing idea managers, we wanted to take the opportunity to overhaul and enhance our search functionality. These enhancements are focused on making it faster and easier to discover ideas and surface things and are intended to increase efficiency for new and existing users. We also have surfaced the ability to deep-link straight from Search into your ideas, pipelines and team workspaces making it easier and faster to work on the things you are searching for.

Let’s buckle up and see what’s new with Search.

Enhancements to Search include:

List View New Feature

Another feature aimed at opening up discoverability and ease of use is the new list view for Idea Boards. List view (seen below) is an alternative to the traditional visual-heavy card view and is meant to make digesting ideas simpler and faster. Important information and dialog surfaced at the list view level, making it quicker and easier than ever to scan ideas and decide which ideas might warrant that double click.

Brightidea users have been requesting this feature for years and we decided it’s time to open things up and bring list view to Idea Boards as a feature to empower new idea managers.

Check out the Knowledge Base Article to learn how to leverage list view today.

Brightidea Partners with HeroX Partnership

Herox Brightidea Partnership 2021

We are excited to announce that Brightidea is officially partnering with HeroX to allow Brightidea Ecosystem customers to access the HeroX network of innovators. This partnership is aligned to helping our customers to open up their innovation programs to contributors outside of their organizations. This will allow our customers to diversify their audiences and bring new innovations and ideas into their innovation ecosystems. The ideas submitted by the HeroX community will automatically route into Brightidea so that all your ideas are housed in one place.

HeroX is a social network for crowdsourcing innovation and human ingenuity. The HeroX crowdsourcing platform uses incentivized challenges to pair problem solvers with seemingly intractable problems by tapping into the collective brainpower of prestigious universities, students, mad-geniuses, start-ups, spin-offs, and literally +2 million innovators worldwide.

If you would like to learn more about how you can issue challenges to the HeroX community via Brightidea, reach out to your Brightidea Customer Success Manager today.

But we aren’t done yet… Upgrades

Now you can customize the look and feel of the login and registration backgrounds. The Action Items Manager is now available at the initiative level. Submission Form Builder has been updated for a new look and feel and also allows for answer re-ordering. The Business Impact tab now allows for quarterly reporting and additional currencies.

Rolling into summer.

Our Summer Release is filled with features that we hope will bring everyone some good vibes as we look forward to things opening up. As always, we hope to hear from those of you who have feedback for us once you have used some of these features, and we encourage you to submit your ideas and enhancement requests to us via Customer Idea Space.

As excited as we are about things opening up and the prospects of celebrating with friends and family soon, we want all of our customers to know that we are as committed as ever to helping open up idea management to other business teams by continuing to build out the ultimate Idea Box. We know that the power of idea management has the potential to make all teams more productive than ever before. We hope to spread the gift of idea management far and wide to all teams, and we’re wide open and ready to help!

Until next quarter, we hope you enjoy the summer and keep on rollin’… 🥳 😎