New Study: Who’s Driving Innovation at the Enterprise?

New Study: Who’s Driving Innovation at the Enterprise?
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Innovation is hard. You not only have to come up with an inspiring idea and get executive buy-in, but also manage the organizational gauntlet to turn that idea into reality. But the payoff is worth it… since you can literally change the world!

Just read any given day’s headlines and you’ll see references to some entrepreneur, startup, or enterprise that’s reinventing the way things are done. As a matter of fact, every company needs to make innovation a priority. That is, if you want to win in the marketplace and survive long-term. Innovation is THAT important.

So who are the people responsible for driving innovation in large organizations? And what conversations, content, and people are informing how they think about the next big thing?

40 Leaders Driving Innovation in the Enterprise

With these questions in mind, Brightidea collaborated with Leadtail, a social insights firm, to create the report: 40 Leaders Driving Innovation in the Enterprise. This report looked at forty innovation program leaders and analyzed their Twitter activity to discover how they use social media to become better at making innovation happen. These executives were chosen since they are active on social media, and on the front lines of innovation for world-class companies such as GE, Deloitte, Coca-Cola, Target, U.S. Bank, and Microsoft.

But why should you care what top innovation program leaders are up to?

Here are a few takeaways from the report:

  • Innovation is happening across industries. The report analyzed innovation leaders in a number of market segments to reflect the fact that innovation is not limited to one corner of the economy. From consumer goods to healthcare to financial services, innovation is changing the future of what we consume and how we do business.
  • Innovation program leaders love innovation, technology, and startups. Whether it’s the top hashtags they use, the people they retweet and mention the most, or the publications they read and share, top innovation leaders use social media to learn more about and stay on top of (no surprise!) innovation.
  • Top innovation leaders are active on social media. These executives are turning to social media to stay on the leading edge of innovation and technology, learn best practices for managing change, participate in conversations with their peers, and become inspired by their favorite entrepreneurs!

Here are some examples of the conversations and content they read and share:

  • Hashtags: #Innovation, #BigData, #IoT, #marketing, #startups
  • Influencers: @richardbranson, @pmarca, @BenedictEvans, @ScottKirsner
  • Publications: Forbes, Harvard Business Review, TechCrunch, Fast Company

Now for the big question – who ARE these people, specifically, and how does each of them engage on social media? You’ll find out by downloading “40 Leaders Driving Innovation in the Enterprise” report including discovering many innovation leaders that (currently) fly under the radar yet have great innovation program insights to share.