Innovation Success Is Uncertain – Or Is It?

Innovation Success Is Uncertain – Or Is It?
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Every enterprise is chock full of people with great ideas…that are never realized. Unless, of course, that enterprise has an innovation framework in place to elicit, vet and implement these ideas. Many do not though, unfortunately. And this needs to change.


The race to innovate first is real, and it crosses every vertical – from technology to financial services. Consumers aren’t just expecting the latest and greatest from their computer software these days, they’re expecting the most efficient methods when they bank, shop, travel or create – and their loyalties lie with the vendor(s) providing it.

The key to innovating first and capturing those fantastic people-powered ideas and acting on them before your competitors do requires organizing your innovation efforts. And this organization takes much more than a spreadsheet listing ideas and assigning someone to follow up.

Organizing Your Innovation Efforts

We know that organizing your innovation efforts isn’t easy – and offer innovation program options that manage the process from ideation to implementation. Brightidea provides customers with the key to unlocking enterprise innovation, offering innovation software powered by a methodology that sets the bar for harnessing ideas. We stay ahead of trends, so our customers naturally do as well.

But we also know that telling you about ourselves isn’t compelling, so we’ve gathered our customers’ innovation stories, by way of a survey and case studies, for you to scan through instead: Straightforward observations from Fortune 500 companies around results realized from using Brightidea’s innovation program platform – along with the challenges they faced and how they were able to overcome them. In fact, 95% of Global 500 companies surveyed by TechValidate saw improvement in their innovation program with Brightidea.

Independent Survey Stats

A third party vendor, TechValidate managed the survey, which includes feedback on innovation program features that can mean the difference between success and failure: ROI analysis, Innovation Challenges, Organizational Culture, and Overall Goals.

The clients come from a range of industries, including heavyweights Accenture, Exxon, Motorola, Quicken Loans, Hewlett-Packard and Walgreens, and they share responses to key questions most enterprises ask – and stats that flesh out the narrative, like:

  • Humana experiencing $6.2 million in cost savings from a single innovation challenge campaign.
  • More than 75% of Nielsen’s innovation challenges resulting in an idea that was implemented.
  • BT increasing the quality of their innovation program by 100%-200%, generating over $250 million between new revenue and cost savings from the ideas sourced company-wide since 2005.

The eBook provides answers to questions enterprises most frequently ask, with insight around practices, benchmark metrics and methodologies that we see leading enterprises to success, along with what worked, and why, with quotes directly from these industry leaders around their experiences using our software.

Customers say we are the most knowledgeable contender in this space – and we would love to show you why that is. Click here to download the eBook and then reach out and let us know if you’d like to be the next success story we share!