If You Want To Unleash Innovation, You Need To Put Your Community to Work

Reading Time: 2 minutes

AragonlogoYour enterprise might be ready to innovate, but is it stuck in a perpetual “ready to innovate” loop? If so, it’s time to take action. And our recent webinar, with Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst of Aragon Research, offers lots of insight around how to move forward – and why.

Lots of organizations are ready to innovate, and can’t understand why they’re being disrupted by competitors – especially when they know they have a superior product or service. The reason why this happens is simple – and preventable: They were MORE ready to innovate than you. They approached innovation in an organized way and that allowed them to bring their ideas to market ahead of your team.

We had 68% of webinar attendees who said their management considers innovation as critical to the success of their business. This is a growing #. Jim shared Aragon Research’s 2015 Technology ARC diagram representing companies less than 5 years old. Innovation Management is a top priority. He commented that “companies need a pragmatic approach to help them get in front of the tidal wave of change” and “companies need to have tools to allow them to manage innovation”.

The webinar discusses how to beat your competition the next time around (or get out there first if they haven’t bested you yet!): outthink the competition and identify the next big thing by developing a community and corporate culture of innovation! But how can you do that, specifically? Well, we cover that in detail in the webinar, including:

  • How Innovation Management Programs and other technologies are giving enterprises an edge
  • Key innovation and mobile trends you need to be aware of
  • Examples of markets being disrupted and why digital businesses are projected to outperform others
  • Understanding the Internet of Things and why it matters to you
  • How to harness those great ideas inside your company and put them in action before your competitor does
  • Ways to nurture innovation in your company via multiple channels

You’ll also learn about two distinct innovation models – organic and the “fast follower” approach – and decide which one is right for you to help fast-forward your efforts so you get ahead of the changing tidal wave headed your way.

View the full webinar here – we welcome your comments!