Announcing the 2017 Innovation Management Award Categories

Announcing the 2017 Innovation Management Award Categories
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Here at Brightidea we’re continually impressed with the impact that our customers are making with their innovation programs. That’s why one of the most gratifying parts of our Synthesize conference is to award our best-in-class innovators for what they have achieved over the past year. So why not give them a little extra kudos for it? This year we will be handing out five awards:

1. Largest Customer Reported Business Impact from Innovation (Financial)
2. Largest Customer Reported Business Impact from Innovation (Qualitative)
3. Most Diversified Program
4. Most Effective Program
5. Highest Sustained Engagement

You may be wondering, “Hey, how do they figure out who should win these awards?” Well, at Brightidea we love data. And so of course we took a data-driven approach to determine the winners in a fair and objective manner.

We want to be transparent with you about how we will go about determining winners, so here’s a breakdown of each award, why we believe it’s important, and how we’ll calculate the winner:


Synthesize Award Categories*To qualify for an award, a customer must have an active Brightidea account during the period of October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017, with qualifying innovation activity conducted during the same dates.


Looking to get recognized as an innovation leader? Stay in the running by ensuring all your data in Brightidea is up to date!

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Synthesize… hopefully on stage accepting an award! 

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