2018 Will Be the Best Year Yet for Brightidea Customers

2018 Will Be the Best Year Yet for Brightidea Customers
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The new year has barely begun, but at Brightidea we’re already hyped up for what 2018 has in store. Why? Well, if 2017 was any indication, the year ahead will be the most successful one on record for our customers. Through their innovation initiatives, they’ve achieved some amazing outcomes, crossed significant milestones, and churned out very impressive stats. And we’re excited to share some of them with you.

We’re Listening!

But first we’d like to acknowledge that the Brightidea platform wouldn’t be where it is today without the continual feedback from customers to improve it. We pay very close attention to the ideas they provide in IdeaSpace on how to boost the platform’s versatility, efficiency, and ease of use. Whether as usability enhancements or full-fledged features, these ideas have come from customers all over the world.

Platform Ideas

Brightidea has implemented customer ideas from all over the globe on improving the platform in its versatility, efficiency, and ease of use.

We’re very happy to report that in 2017 we implemented 56 of those ideas into the Brightidea platform—more than double last year’s. That’s an average of 1 customer idea implemented per week.

Brightidea 1 Customer Idea Per Week Implemented

We’re grateful not only to have this customer input and involvement, but also to have so many opportunities to improve the platform in ways that have the most impact for them.

More Users, Greater Engagement

Along with those improvements, overall engagement with the platform has ballooned over the last year. And that’s a boon for any customer. After all, the greater the degree of workforce involvement in a company’s innovation efforts, the more ideas come to fruition as commercially viable innovations. An important indicator of this engagement is the total number of registered users on a company’s innovation management platform. We’re very pleased to share that today, the Brightidea platform has a total of 1.96 million registered users.

Brightidea 2 Million Users

On its own, we think that’s pretty impressive. But more important, it’s a testament to the success our customers have had in engaging their workforces in the innovation process.

The Coolest Part?… 3 Billion Dollars!

Of course, none of this would mean much if it weren’t for the dramatic impact our customers are experiencing. And the most important measure of that is the net benefit. This metric, a combination of the actual and projected financial impact of all initiatives, minus associated costs, provides not only a snapshot of innovation success but also a concrete figure of the return on a company’s innovation investment. Think of it as a vital sign of innovation health.

We took the sum of this metric across all Brightidea customers over each of the last twelve months to arrive at the cumulative net benefit in 2017. And we’re thrilled to share that they collectively recorded a total net benefit of $3.18 billion! (What’s more, the business impact that our customers reported was recently verified by Price Waterhouse Coopers.)

Total Net Benefit

Last year, Brightidea customers recorded a cumulative net benefit of $3.18 billion.

It’s a figure that has far exceeded our expectations—and one that no other innovation management vendor can even come close to claiming.

And so, congratulations to all our customers! Without a doubt, the past year was a resounding success for you. Your determination, focus, and enthusiasm have been instrumental in making 2017 the best year to date for corporate innovation. Keep up the fantastic work!

—The Brightidea team