Richland School District 2

Richland School District 2 Richland School District Two Harnesses Innovation to Improve Schools and the Community “Our district has always wanted to be innovative and be at the forefront of educating students. We’ve always had the leadership buy-in, which is key.” NATHAN O’NEILLInnovation... Read more

Telia Company

Telia Company How Telia engaged their workforce to build a successful and sustainable business “Telecom is a really exciting space because it moves so fast. We are under constant pressure from incumbents and start-ups looking to steal market share.” IVO KUKAVICAInnovation Catalyst... Read more


Haskell Haskell Implemented the Brightidea Platform to Boost Their Commitment to Innovation in the Construction Industry 130+ Submitted Ideas 670+ Employees Engaged ~2,000 Votes and Comments The construction industry has traditionally been change-averse. Tried and true... Read more

Children’s Miracle Network

Children’s Miracle Network Your Journey to Innovation Success Starts Here! The Link To Your Free Case Study Is Below! How Children’s Miracle Networked Engaged 95% of Employees in Innovation Download... Read more


BT Get BT’s Case Study: BT Innovation Management Success What’s in the Case Study? Find out how one of the world’s leading telecommunications providers was able to successfully launch a new innovation program and achieve cost savings and new revenue generated... Read more