Eden Prairie Schools

Eden Prairie Schools Eden Prairie High School: Building A Culture of Innovation That Empowers Students “As a district, we have three key strategic priorities: personalizing learning, engaging stakeholders, and eliminating achievement disparities. Innovation is at the core of all those.”... Read more

Orange Theory

Orange Theory Zero to One: How Orangetheory Fitness Launched a Successful Innovation Team in Less Than a Year “One of the greatest things about Orangetheory is that people tend to think of us as innovative and know us as innovative. It’s an identity we’ve claimed for a very long... Read more


Orbia How Orbia Engaged 76% of Employees and Generated Thousands of Business-Building Ideas Across 56 Countries “Launchpad’s vision has been to allow every employee across the company to suggest ideas and receive support and coaching to commercialize those ideas. We also... Read more


Autoliv Helping The World’s Largest Automotive Safety Supplier Save Lives Through Innovation “In our highly technical business we’re not expecting a fully baked idea. We’re looking for a promising seed of an idea that our team can further develop into something commercially... Read more


Cisco How Cisco Is Achieving Millions In Innovation Outcomes “Using Brightidea we’ve achieved over $54 million in recorded innovation outcomes over the last couple years and we have very strong projections going forward.” NICHOLAS SELKInnovation Program Manager USERS... Read more