Ice Breaker Template – What’s at Your Table?

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What's at Your Table Template

What is the template?

Use the virtual or in person Ice Breaker Templates to host a fun and engaging session with your team.

How do you use it?

When you’re ready to host your meeting, start by selecting this template. It’s easy to use, so you can start planning immediately without any training. Then, follow these steps to create the perfect ice breaker.

Step 1: Take a picture

Take a picture of an item or items at your desk space.

Step 2: Send it

Send it to yourself via email or slack message.

Step 3: Add it

Add it to the board to the right. Helpful tip, have your team do this at some point before the meeting, so no one sees who is adding what photo.

Step 4: Guess Who

Grab a name tag of those in the room, and try to plot and guess who the object/view belong to.

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