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Pictionary Template

What is the template?

Use the virtual or in person Ice Breaker Templates to host a fun and engaging session with your team.

How do you use it?

When you’re ready to host your meeting, start by selecting this template. It’s easy to use, so you can start planning immediately without any training. Then, follow these steps to create the perfect ice breaker.

Step 1: Select a word

The meeting organizer should select a pictionary word (think animals, places, phrases, etc.)

Step 2: Send the word

At random, message one person that is in the meeting the word you selected.

Step 3: Draw

Have that individual try and draw out what the word/phrase is in the space provided. Remember, you can use your timer to give everyone 1-2 minutes to guess!

Step 4: Guess

Have the team yell out what they think the person is drawing.

If the session goes too fast, first off congratulations, but have the person who guessed correctly be the next person to draw, with the original artist picking the next word.

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