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Brainwriting Template

What is the template?

The Brainwriting template is used to facilitate a rapid ideation sprint around a specific topic, subject, or theme.

How do you use it?

In traditional brainstorms, often the loudest ideas win. Brainwriting is an exercise that not only helps quieter, reserved individuals to be heard, but also allows the group to think of more ideas than they would if they were just shouting out the various concepts. Quiet ideation also tends to encourage more original ideas from every individual, as opposed to the group gravitating toward vocalized ideas in the session.

The following steps will help you get started using the Brainwriting template.

Step 1: Gather the team

Define the problem, theme, or subject that will be discussed.

Then ask everyone within the team to silently write down their ideas in response to the prompt. Having the time to self-brainstorm is a technique is designed to counteract the common experience of having individuals overpower conversation and gives everyone time to critically think through the prompt without being blocked or distracted.

Pro tip: Utilize the timer to let people know how long you will allocate for this exercise.

Step 2: Share out and cluster

After the initial self-brainstorming time, have everyone share their thoughts with the team. During this time, participants can build out ideas further and cluster common themes.

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