Brainstorm + Prioritize Template

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Brainstorm Prioritize Template

What is the template?

The Brainstorm + Prioritize template is used to help facilitate an entire brainstorm from thinking through concepts all the way through prioritization of those solutions.

How do you use it?

The following steps will help you get started using the Brainstorm + Prioritize template.

Step 1: Define the problem

Start by having the team you’ve assembled take 5 minutes (use the timer!) to jot down what they believe the biggest problem(s) are for the customer base. Share the problems with the team and add to any additional items that come up in the conversation.

Step 2: Cluster similar themes

As a group, cluster similar problems from the initial brainstorm.

Step 3: Solutions

Pick one cluster at a time and have the team independently brainstorm on how they would solve the problem. Solutions can be jotted down on a sticky note, paste an image that represents the solution, or whatever format works to communicate the solution. A moderator can time the exercise (5-10 min per cluster).

After the time has lapsed, spend time discussing and sharing ideas—be sure to build on each other’s ideas as you work through the options.

Step 4: Vote and send to pipeline

Review the solutions by spending 3-5 minutes using the reactions feature to vote on the ideas that are most feasible for your team to execute. Run through a second voting session to identify the ideas with the biggest customer impact. Send the top ideas your team wants to act on to the pipeline (hint: right-click the sticky).

Step 5: Prioritize

Pull the top-rated solutions—now plotted as ideas—over to the smart matrix. Organize the ideas, comparing them to each other based on feasibility and impact. Pro tip: you can change the x- and y-axis labels to ensure you are categorizing and comparing your work based on what is strategically important.

Ideally, this matrix helps your team create boundaries around what is realistic to tackle and develop clarity and consensus about what’s most important for success, versus nice-to-have or unnecessary.

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