Social Insights Report Showcases Enterprise Leaders Driving Innovation

April 8, 2015 by Business Wire


Brightidea and Leadtail look at 40 people focused on transforming great ideas into game-changing innovation

Brightidea, the leading software provider for corporate innovation programs, today announced the availability of Leaders Driving Innovation in the Enterprise, a social media insights report that looks at the people on the front lines driving innovation for their companies. A collaborative effort with Leadtail, a provider of social insights for decision makers, the report identifies 40 innovation program leaders who are guiding innovation programs at enterprises with thousands of employees and just as many ideas for the next new thing.

“The creative geniuses behind the phenomenal success of Apple, Google and Tesla are well known to us all, but it’s the innovation program leaders who are the unsung heroes,” said Gretchen Hoffman, VP Marketing, Brightidea. “They are the key to success because they add a layer of transparency to the innovation program data and process that harnesses the creative potential and ideas at many of the biggest companies in the global marketplace today.”

Leadtail analyzed 13,366 public tweets that were published by these innovation program leaders between October 1, 2014 and January 31, 2015. Each executive has a mix of corporate roles and works in different industries spanning Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Healthcare, Software and Information Services and Business and Strategy. All wield significant influence over the strategy and execution of innovation programs at their companies.

“This report helps us understand what top innovation program leaders talk about, how they engage, what they read and share, and who most influences them,” said Hoffman. “They are hard-working professionals who are committing themselves daily to championing audacious concepts and turning them into the next generation of opportunity for the enterprises they work at. We believe there is a lot to learn from them.”

“Innovation is not limited to one corner of the economy or market segment, but is instead disrupting industries across the global marketplace,” said Carter Hostelley, founder and CEO of Leadtail. “While there’s no shortage of opinions about what the next new thing could be, it’s the management and execution of innovation programs that really determines whether that big idea lives or dies.”

A free copy of the report is available for download here.

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