New Report: Leaders Driving Innovation in the Enterprise

April 1, 2015 by Innovation Mangement

Innovation Mangement

Imagine if you could listen to the daily conversations of world-class innovation program leaders. How would you use that information to deepen your thinking about innovation and what it takes to really implement it, organization-wide?

In a new report from Leadtail and Brightidea you can review social media insights from 40 top innovation program leaders to help you better understand, learn from, and engage those professionals responsible for driving innovation programs at the enterprise.

About their approach

  • The executives have a mix of corporate roles and work in different industries, yet all wield significant influence over the strategy and execution of innovation programs at their companies.
  • These innovators all actively participate in social media to discover content, conversations, and people in a way that informs and inspires their passion for innovation.
  • Though we analyzed individual Twitter handles (vs. brand handles), many of these influencers use Twitter to engage friends, colleagues, brands, and media on behalf of themselves AND their brand.
  • Unlike survey data, this report summarizes behavioral data – what the executives we studied empirically DO: who they mention, what they share, and how they engage


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