Brightidea Cracks the Code on Corporate Innovation Management

October 21, 2015 by Business Wire


Fall 2015 Release expands innovation offering into design thinking, hackathons and more…

SAN FRANCISCO – October 21, 2015 –Brightidea’s Fall 2015 release announced today, is the culmination of over 12 months of R&D focused on creating software to help innovation program leaders more effectively manage innovation across corporate initiatives.

As the industry leader in collaborative innovation solutions, Brightidea recognized an alarming trend: As innovation initiatives have broadened in response to rapid market change, innovation leaders had no way to gauge the relative performance of competing initiatives, ranging from idea crowdsourcing to design thinking projects, innovation labs, hackathons and more. Consequently they had no way of knowing where to focus efforts for optimal results. This has made the job of an innovation program leader increasingly difficult.

“Leaders of established companies have a choice: they can cower in fear of disruption or they can boldly embrace the opportunities implicit in change. For those who choose the latter, Brightidea has the best products you can buy to inspire your team to charge headlong into the 21st century,” said Matthew Greeley, Brightidea CEO.

Our new Fall 2015 Release will give companies the competitive edge they need because Brightidea’s new offerings are firsts in innovation management.

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First Ever Apps Model for Innovation

Today, Brightidea introduces new innovation Apps to help program leaders quickly and easily launch, track and compare each innovation initiative, such as an idea crowdsourcing challenge, a design thinking project or a hackathon.

The new apps include pre-built innovation workflows, configurations, templates and knowledge assets so innovation program managers can quickly set up and manage a variety of innovation initiatives

Brightidea Expands Into Design Thinking, Hackathons and More

The new apps Brightidea is announcing include: Problem Solving App to run challenges that tap the crowd for fresh and novel ideas to solve intractable problems; Idea Management App offering a universal process for collecting and managing ideas of all kinds across an organization; Design Research App to enhance the front end of a design thinking process by easily collecting and synthesizing observations and insights; Hackathon App, which is a beta app to organize, manage and execute a company hackathon; and 20% TimeApp which is also a beta app for tracking a 20% Time initiative, where team members are encouraged to dedicate a percentage of their time to pursuing innovative projects of their own choosing.

Laurent Benichou from AXA Group who is Marketing & Distribution Director of Innovation & Foresight shared his thoughts on Brightidea’s new apps: “With this comprehensive set of new innovation apps, Brightidea aims to leapfrog innovation facilitation. To me, what they are trying to achieve in a few months is as ambitious as shifting from black and white to full HD television.”

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Complete Program Command and Control

Key to effectively managing and measuring these broad initiatives is a new set of analytics dashboards, which include: Command Centerso Innovation Leaders have a comprehensive home page to centrally track and monitor key innovation program KPIs and access every other area of the software; Engagement Dashboard to monitor participant engagement (visits, submissions, comments, votes) across time periods, departments, geographies and pipelines; Innovations Dashboard to track and measure innovations (ideas, opportunities, and projects) across time periods, departments, geographies and pipelines.

With Brightidea’s revolutionary new apps and analytics, innovation program leaders can, for the first time, manage a broad set of corporate innovation initiatives and gain unique, data-driven insights to determine where to “double-down” for maximum innovation impact and where to back off.

With the new Brightidea software, we are able to better manage our various innovation initiatives and gauge which ones are providing the best results,” said Matt Asman, Senior Manager, Global Services Innovation at Cisco.

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