Brightidea and IdeaConnection® Partner To Offer an Expanded Portfolio of R&D and Open Innovation Services

April 29, 2015 by Business Wire


Paving the Way for Companies to Build Their Own Branded Open Innovation Communities

Brightidea today announced a technology and services partnership with IdeaConnection. This brings to market a one-stop shop that enterprise companies can tap to augment internal innovation programs and open innovation initiatives with increased access to many of the world’s great minds, and valuable technical and intellectual property expertise.

A New Way to Develop Powerful Open Innovation Communities

With this partnership, customers of Brightidea, the leading software platform for corporate innovation programs, can now access IdeaConnection’s vast global network of highly-skilled technical experts as well as an extensive network-of-networks that goes ‘beyond Google search’ in unearthing the latest expertise and emerging technologies.

The bilateral agreement paves the way for companies to build their own crowd sourced, branded, expert innovation communities.

“This partnership grew out of conversations with our customers who expressed an interest in working with a single integrated solution to consolidate their internal innovation program and external open innovation activities,” said Brightidea CEO, Matt Greeley. “IdeaConnection has an outstanding record of building innovative communities and solving complex challenges. Now we can offer Open Innovation community building as a white-label service for those who would rather build their own proprietary innovation community under their own brands.”

Brightidea’s customers now have access to IdeaConnection’s full range of open innovation services.

  • Open Innovation Community Development and Support
  • Prize-based Theoretical Problem Solving with I.P. Transfer
  • Technology Scouting
  • Technical Challenge Writing
  • R&D Team, Staff Augmentation, Prior Art Citation Search

IdeaConnection’s customers now have access to Brightidea’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite of products that facilitate the gathering, and most importantly, the development of ideas.

“We are excited to partner with Brightidea to offer a world-class solution for open innovation, R&D support services and a corporate innovation software platform,” said IdeaConnection Founder and CEO Scott Wurtele. “Brightidea has an impressive line up of Blue Chip customers who have expressed interest in building their own internal communities in order to eliminate the dependencies and additional cost of external marketplaces. Brightidea and IdeaConnection can do this.”

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