Brightidea + Zendesk:

Enable customer driven ideation!

Enhance your innovation process and streamline idea management by capturing innovation ideas from Zendesk tickets and pushing them directly into Brightidea with the help of the Brightidea + Zendesk integration.

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Transform Your Zendesk Tickets into Shining Ideas

Use data to make informed decisions about which ideas to prioritize. By analyzing the ideas submitted through Zendesk, you can gain a deeper understanding of the issues your customers are facing and what they expect from you. Identify trends and focus on the ideas that have the greatest potential to increase customer loyalty, drive growth, increase NPS and mitigate churn risks.

Keep everyone in the loop by reporting updates! As an idea moves through your workflow, you can subscribe the idea submitter directly to the record in Brightidea to ensure they are always up to date on the progress of their suggestion.

Elevate Innovation

Elevate Your Innovation

Source, automate, and streamline your customers’ Zendesk tickets and turn them into impactful business innovations.


Prioritize What Matters

Use data and SME reviews to make informed decisions about which ideas to prioritize.


Measure Impact

Measure customer driven innovation impact as tickets are added to your Idea Management and Business Impact Reporting.

How Zendesk Works

Zendesk is a customer service platform that helps businesses provide exceptional experiences to their customers through cross-channel support and easy-to-use tools for agents. With Zendesk, you can accelerate growth with a one-stop sales CRM and empower your sales teams with an intuitive and centralized tool. This leads to higher productivity and superior ROI.

How Zendesk Works

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