Brightidea + Zapier:

Supercharge your innovation and idea management

With Brightidea ↔ Zapier you can connect your innovation and idea management activities with the thousands of apps inside the Zapier ecosystem. Users can add a zap trigger to any step in your innovation process via the Brightidea Rules Engine. Then when the Rules Engine logic has been triggered, huzzah, your zap will fire off your data to the application endpoint. Push your idea statues, updates, data, evaluations, action items, and more to all of your favorite apps. With the connection of Brightidea ↔ Zapier your innovation data truly has no limits!

Set Up Integration

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Innovation with Endless Endpoints

Everyone has a unique tech stack these days, and there are new apps popping up all the time that have a place in the productivity and innovation stack. Using the Brightidea Rules Engine to automatically trigger zaps when certain criteria are met allows users to push their innovation data to any of the thousands of apps within the Zapier ecosystem. Make sure your innovation data is making it into the apps that matter most to your teams.

trigger integration

Trigger Zaps with Rules Engine

Configure a zap to fire when Rules Engine criteria are met.

Push Innovation

Push Innovation Data to any Zapier App

Use zaps to map data from Brightidea to any app within the Zapier ecosystem.

Integrate Apps

Integrated Innovation

Make sure your innovation data is being integrated with your team’s favorite apps.

How Zapier Works

Zapier is an automated app connector platform that relies on API mapping to send data easily between apps. Zapier can connect apps to automate simple tasks without coding a native integration. Simply map your data fields between apps using Zapier’s interface and Zapier will execute the data send via API whenever the enrollment criteria for the zap is met.


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