Brightidea + YouTube:

Add videos to your idea submissions

Now you can add video content from YouTube to help convey your ideas. With the Brightidea + YouTube integration, you can include a video in your idea submission by simply dropping in the YouTube embed link.

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Add video content to your idea submissions

Support your idea with instructional videos, TED talks, a recording of a team meeting, or even your own pitch!

Strengthen Submissions

Strengthen Your Idea Submissions

Strengthen the case for your ideas with authoritative video content.

Record Pitch

Record Your Pitch

Show your colleagues why your idea is compelling.

Increase Visibility

Increase Visibility

Share your videos outside the Brightidea platform.

How YouTube Works

YouTube is a global video sharing and social media platform that makes it easy to create and share videos online. With the Brightidea + YouTube integration you can enhance your idea management process by easily embedding videos from YouTube.

YouTube Screenshots

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