Brightidea + ServiceNow:

From Idea to Implementation

Our integration helps unleash the power of your ideas, quickly and efficiently introducing them into your workflow. By integrating ServiceNow with Brightidea, you’ll gain an automated process to develop and deploy game-changing initiatives faster than ever before. Get ready for improved workflows and better results from a great set of innovative initiatives!

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Work Faster and Smarter with ServiceNow + Brightidea

Quickly introduce game-changing ideas into your workflow with the Brightidea + ServiceNow integration. You’ll gain automated processes that make it easy to develop and deploy innovation initiatives faster than ever before.


Make Consistent Progress on Your Biggest Goals

Take your workflow to the next level and turn ideas into actionable items quickly.


Work on the Most Impactful Ideas First

Avoid missed opportunities and develop, prioritize, and implement your best ideas with ease.


Send Winning Ideas to ServiceNow Automatically

Quickly get your team’s best ideas into a workflow using Zendesk webhooks + rules engine to communicate between Brightidea and ServiceNow.

How ServiceNow Works

The ServiceNow Platform is a solution that enables digitizing your entire business, it helps to deliver next-generation experiences by connecting your enterprise, creating seamless experiences for employees and customers. it helps to breakdown the silos with one data model and one architecture across the enterprise.

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