Brightidea + Jira:

Groom your backlog and work on the most impactful ideas

Your teams are getting crushed by Jira and they don’t know which tickets will have the most impact. Leverage Brightidea initiatives to evaluate, develop, prioritize, resource and implement your team and customer’s best ideas before you create a Jira ticket. Then send those best ideas to Jira with just 1 click. Receive updates in Brightidea as status changes in Jira and keep everyone in the loop. Your team and stakeholders deserve to know what happened to their ideas and feedback, and with the Brightidea ↔ Jira integration that transparency will be obvious for all.

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Not every idea should be a Jira ticket

Empower your team to work on the ideas that will have the most impact and keep the others in Brightidea to develop and send to Jira when they are ready. Keep your team focused on the most impactful tickets and tasks that will actually move the needle for your business.

Send Ideas

Send Ideas from Brightidea to Jira

Send ideas from any Brightidea initiative to Jira with just a few clicks.

Status Updates

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Receive status updates directly in Brightidea as Jira tickets are being worked.

Idea Data

Groom Your Agile Backlog

Time is precious, so prioritize the ideas that will have the most impact before you create that Jira ticket.

How Jira Works

Jira is a suite of agile work management solutions that powers collaboration across all teams from concept to customer, empowering you to do the best work of your life, together. Jira offers several products and deployment options that are purpose-built for Software, IT, Business, Ops teams, and more.

Jira How It Works 2023

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