Brightidea + Google Analytics:

Bring the power of Google Analytics to your Brightidea system

With the Brightidea + Google Analytics integration you can view engagement data, learn what makes a successful initiative, and report on the results of your innovation initiatives by simply including your GA tags on your Brightidea initiative’s HTML code.

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Track your innovation program’s engagement with Google Analytics

Track the performance of each initiative in your innovation management program with Google Analytics to see how your team is using the platform and which ideas have the most engagement. Simply set the date range you want to analyze, then choose which metrics you want to track, including page views, sessions, pages/sessions, bounce rate, average session duration, goal completions, new users, total users, goal conversation rate, and goal value.

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Discover How Your Team Uses the Platform

Learn where people find the initiative and how long they engage with it.

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Learn What Makes a Successful Initiative

Develop best practices for how to create a successful initiative based on your analytics.

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Demonstrate Results

Prove the value of your innovation program with concrete metrics.

How Google Analytics Works

Google Analytics provides tools to analyze data from your website and applications. It gives you the ability to evaluate the performance of your marketing, content, and products. And now, with the Brightidea + Google Analytics integration, you can track and improve the engagement and performance of your innovation initiatives.

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